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As we delve into our wardrobes or the internet desperately searching for ways to uniquely distinguish ourselves as cutting edge fashionistas we forget that we do not need the newest haute couture ensembles to look haute. 
Chanel Vintage CC drop Rhinestone Choker : Miley Cyrus, Rihanna


Many of these ensembles look amazing on the runway or an editorial spread but they are over shadowed by the beautiful vintage jewels paired with them. By the time you have finished looking at the magazine article all that lingers in your mind are the breath taking vintage accessories.
Earrings, belts, brooches, bracelets and necklaces are currently used to enhance current magazine photo shoots and often eclipse the designer duds they are meant to enhance or compliment. It is surprising to find out that the accessories used in these photo shoots are sometimes over 20 years old!
Vintage CHANEL Number 5 Five Earrings with Pearls
( Contact to purchase: )
Vintage CHANEL Coat Hanger Motif Pearl Drop Earrings
The right accessories can take a simple look and transform it into a new classic in an instant. Proving that clothes do not need to be expensive to look expensive. 
Accessorizing what we already have with vintage accessories is the perfect way to set yourself apart in the fashion world. The 1980's and 1990's was the golden age of Chanel costume Jewelry, and it was during this time the most iconic and sought after pieces emerged. 
These pieces have been featured in magazines worldwide, including magazines from this past year and previous years.
Every Chanel piece seen in the images may not be online, but contact us for access to the Circe Vault! If you do not see the piece you are looking for throughout this blog or website just ask and we will be happy to list it for you to purchase.

Written by K Ten — May 24, 2015

The Best of Oscar de la Renta: The Man, The Myth, The Icon

Most blogs featuring Oscar de la Renta are filled with only adulation for the designer, but mine is also personal.

Yes, his stylish and classic creations transcend time and lend an air of glamour and sophistication to any event but they are more than just mere dresses. They are art; and they were and are inspiration for  generations of women and and girls. They are the ultimate in glamour. Seen on every women of every age and style.

Growing up I idolized Oscar de la Renta. I would pretend my barbies were going to red carpet events, balls and getting married in his creations. At the time, an Oscar de la Renta dress for myself was unattainable and impracticable for a 7 year old but it was the ultimate representation of womanhood to possess his creations. To this day I still do not feel worthy to own his creations and don't. Who knows when I will.

His creations have graced royalty and First Ladies.
Fashionistas such as Miroslava Duma
Countless celebrities and Red carpet events.
Magazines like Vogue.
 And even been featured in countless tv episodes like Gossip Girl. No wonder the fashion was so incredible!

I would like to thank Oscar de la Renta for my inspiration to embark into the world of fashion and set the standard for what I believe is classic and timeless elegance.


Give Peace a Chance: And Get a Piece of Chanel Spring 2015 RTW


Like myself, many were overwhelmed or distracted by the protest at the Chanel Spring 2015 RTW Show. Slogans such as " Make Love Not War, " "Ladies First, " and " Je Ne Suis Pas En Solde" flooded the runway.
The feminist nature of the show was heard loud and clear but the fashion was overshadowed.

Looking back at the show, I realized I missed many of its nuances.
It referenced no particular era and was uniquely different from anything done before.

Gone was the "what it old is new" philosophy. In its place was avant grade fashion at its best.

An exceptional collection for the exceptional woman.


Chanel Resort Dubai: Channel You Inner Arabian Nights

With the onset of winter as not just a distant thought, but an actual reality it is tempting to forgo Fall/Winter fashion and dive straight into Resort. More specifically the Arabian Night themed Dubai collection for 2015.
For me, I long for something a bit more exotic than the snow that battered the Northeast two days after Halloween and immediately found myself  filling my house with yellow roses and yearning for the comfort of my local Chanel boutique and the exotic looks from the Resort Dubai Collection.
Low and behold, I stumbled upon the daintiest and most elegant head adornments.  I was most drawn to a pearl and gold head piece and and crescent moon shaped CC comb. The combination on the two was so alluring I had to try it on. The minute I placed the head piece combination on my head I was transformed into a modern Shahrazad and knew I must obtain the pieces.
I have already begun to plan my evening looks and street style looks incorporating these two pieces and am very excited to show them off in the future. Instead of a thousand tales, I have at least a thousand looks I can put together!
 For now, simple pics featuring the pieces will have to suffice. But don't worry, you to can channel your inner Shahrazad, as I was able to snatch another set to offer to my fashionable fashionista followers!

Essential Shoes Every Lady Needs

Unquestionably, shoes are of utmost importance in the creation of your ideal looks and your evolution as a fashionista. One of the most frequent questions the Circe Girls are asked is, "What are the essential shoes I need to have?" Not everyone phrases it that way, but the heart of the question remains the same. I believe every shoe is an essential. Every shoe has a color, a shape, a style that adds to its individual functional and fashionable purpose. It is the first the item I select to create mine and my sister's street style looks. As the foundation for building my looks, I realize how crucial it is to select and invest in the right pairs. 
Many people have written on the subject but none of the available articles offer any advice on how you build a solid foundation for your clothing wardrobe. A blog on the shoe essentials every woman must have should not just list the type of shoe but should explain why it is an essential and offer guidance to selecting it. The shoe essentials every woman must have vary from woman to woman. The right fit is what fits your style, your budget and your life. It is not the hottest shoe, the most expensive shoe, the cheapest shoe or the chicest shoe on the market. So here you are ladies, the shoe essentials guide according to the Circe Girls! 
First on the list is the black pump. This is a must and should be one of your first investment pieces when transitioning to the world of designer shoes. Pointed or round toe you might ask? it does not matter and boils down to personal preference. They should be no higher than 120mm and you should be able to COMFORTABLY walk more than 100 feet. They need to take you to the office, out for cocktails and back home again. You will find that these will be your go to shoe for most occasions and you will get miles out of them.

With so many options available it is hard to narrow down which designer to choose. The CL So Kate in black kid is my go to because I have a high arch and a narrow foot.
If you have an average width foot I would select a Manolo Blahnik. The shank (toe box) is wider and longer than the the average louboutin. Other top picks would include the Saint Laurent Paris pump, Rossi (anything), and Prada, well, it's Prada! 
If you are looking for a quality, in style shoe (without the 4 digit price point, or more!) Stuart Weitzman is your shoe. Sam Edelman are also extremely comfortable and fashion forward!
A little secret I learned is to check out, you can snatch up current season items at a major discount!
Please ask me any questions about style, choices and fit! I love, love, love talking shoes!!!
Watch out for my next post tomorrow on more essentials!

I'm an Urban Cowboy Baby!

For most, the Chanel Dallas collection was an over the top fringe fest and a feather fiasco that gave new meaning to destroyed denim. Not to mention, an insult to native Texans and Native Americans.
                                                          (Fringe and Feathers OH MY!)
                  (Denim on Denim on More Denim!!! I'm stressed just looking at it!!!! Destroy immediately!!!)
(Causing a bit of controversy is chic but being politically incorrect is just rude and in this case ugly.)
Despite this, the collection managed to produce 3 beyond outstanding footwear pieces that are not only fabulous to gaze upon but also very functional. Chanel put a lot of detail into the shoes for this collection but they were barely visible with all of the models strutting down the runway in clothes I would not even wear on a cold Halloween night!
Boots are a must for any season! The ankle boots can be paired with a cute off white dress or cut off shorts and a tee.
Pumps are always sexy especially with a star studded heel and elegant gold cap toe.
The thigh highs are what i am most excited to play around with! They have the same cap toe as the pump and both the ankle boot and thigh high have a star studded chunky heel.
Looking ahead to the other Chanel shows these are the must have Chanel pieces of the year. Don't miss your chance to get them and unleash your inner urban cowboy!
the Circe Girls

Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 Ad Campaign, Miley Cyrus: Tides of Our Lives

Marc Jacobs used friend Miley Cyrus For his Spring 2014 ad campaign and the results are masterful. The photos showcase short haired Miley in a structured military blazer with a hint of Victorian era lace details, simple trousers and embellished shoes. She sits, arms draped over her knees gazing forlornly into the distance with a tinge of angst and despair resonating from her face.
This image of Miss Miley are a far cry from the near naked, sassy and sometimes raunchy pics of the starlet we are used to seeing. Could this be an attempt for the starlet to make a more subtle statement about life, art and fashion? 
Over the past year her behavior has been considered by most to be a series of publicity stunts, teenage antics and cries for help. Until this ad campaign Miley has not been taken seriously and this campaign has been an opportunity for her to express herself in the most subtle way possible. 
The brooding and androgynous look speaks volumes more than just showcasing Jacobs's fashion line. It illustrates what and where Miley and most people find themselves in life. In between identities and realities. Not knowing or feeling particularly connected with ones self. Contemplating the future but acutely aware our former self is dead. Realizing there is no way to go back to who and what we were, nor the way things were in our life. Realizing the impossibility to recreate the past.
The imagery used in the campaign alludes to the universal struggle with self every person encounters, regardless of race, religion gender and ethnicity. The dead model representing the death of our past, Miley representing the struggle with our present and the illusive figure in the back representing the unknown future.
Choosing Miley, a person who clearly struggles with herself at times was a glorious choice for the campaign. No one could have represented the theme better or more effectively. The beach setting was also ideal for the photography. Just like the tides, our lives unpredictably ebb and flow. 
This campaign was deeper than a series of images of a celebrity and couture fashion. It demonstrates a stage of human nature we too commonly find ourselves in. Uncertainty. We can be more certain about our fashion choices, thankfully. But underneath our clothes, we can find ourselves confused, conflicted about ourselves, our life, our past and our future.  

Out With the New, in With the Old!

Nicole Richie has become one of my favorite fashion icons. Always wearing the hottest pieces, or a rendition of them. For Art Basel Miami at the Delano Hotel, Nicole Richie wore the Spring 2014 remake of the 2000 Chanel Pearl Choker. The original version of the choker was worn by Miley Cyrus at the Bambi awards in Berlin.
Even with the resurgence and popularity of Vintage Chanel jewelry the 2014 remake did not outdo the original. The 2000 Chanel choker was elegant with the pearls being different in size, and an asymmetrical in placement on the neck. Usually symmetry is what we look for in beauty, but the symmetrical 2014 pearl necklace just did not suffice. It may be edgy but definitely won't be a sold out piece at Chanel boutiques. If you are looking to pay top dollar for second rate jewelry then this piece is perfect for you. Otherwise out with the new and bring back the vintage!
Until next time. xoxo CIRCEgirls

Teach Me How to Buggie: Fendi Style

Seems like these furry Fendi monsters have climbed up into the hands of a Kardashian (or Jenner I mean). Mini stylista, Kylie Jenner, is rocking the the red fur buggie, Snobius-- yes these little monsters have names too! You can go onto and find out what little buggie fits your style! Below are a look at the little monsters themselves! And these buggies are sold out everywhere-- while most everywhere. Us Circe Girls know how to get our hands on these little devious creatures. 

You know these creatures will be a hit if Kylie Jenner is wearing them! The little Jenner sisters have their older sisters to thank for the ability to so easily step into the limelight. And Kylie takes full advantage of it. Even big sister and new mom Kim Kardashian asks for style advice from this little sister. How fitting this little monster is being held by another?

Goodbye 2013, Say Hello to 2014 Miss MIley Cyrus, Our New Princess of Pop!

Miley Cyrus definitely surprised us in 2013 with her noticeable change in wardrobe, weight loss, and hair lob, and amazingly talented and unique performances. She can work the stage, solo, no additional dancers, sparkles, glitz and glam. She has performed her hit single 'Wrecking Ball' solo, working the stage and engaging the audience with an audacious outfit and pitch perfect performance. Making Whitney Houston-esque, 'I Have Nothing' performances hot again.
We all know Miley can put on a 'show'- 2013 VMA's anyone? Teddy bear backpacks, tongue out, foam fingers, twerking up on married men-shaking her thang between 'Blurred Lines.'
And the new Princess of Pop, Miss Miley Cyrus, nailed her 2013 NYE performance in NYC for New Year's Rockin' Eve! Performing #GETITRIGHT and of course her hit single 'Wrecking Ball.' Strutting her stuff in a gold sequined crop top (adorned with a Chanel CC brooch) and matching gold sequined pants , Chanel CC logo earrings, Versace White Star Studded Pumps, and of course she needed to stay warm in The Blonds Fall 2009 Fur Coat (sorry PETA!)
Oh did I forget to mention her lip lock with Ryan Seacrest? Shock and awe! Our girl Miley always has a surprise in store for us!
Whether her performance is simply solo, or VMA-style, Miley will bring it! Question is what will 2014 and her #bangerz tour bring her?