Seems like these furry Fendi monsters have climbed up into the hands of a Kardashian (or Jenner I mean). Mini stylista, Kylie Jenner, is rocking the the red fur buggie, Snobius-- yes these little monsters have names too! You can go onto and find out what little buggie fits your style! Below are a look at the little monsters themselves! And these buggies are sold out everywhere-- while most everywhere. Us Circe Girls know how to get our hands on these little devious creatures. 

You know these creatures will be a hit if Kylie Jenner is wearing them! The little Jenner sisters have their older sisters to thank for the ability to so easily step into the limelight. And Kylie takes full advantage of it. Even big sister and new mom Kim Kardashian asks for style advice from this little sister. How fitting this little monster is being held by another?

Written by ARYN MAC — January 12, 2014

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