Unquestionably, shoes are of utmost importance in the creation of your ideal looks and your evolution as a fashionista. One of the most frequent questions the Circe Girls are asked is, "What are the essential shoes I need to have?" Not everyone phrases it that way, but the heart of the question remains the same. I believe every shoe is an essential. Every shoe has a color, a shape, a style that adds to its individual functional and fashionable purpose. It is the first the item I select to create mine and my sister's street style looks. As the foundation for building my looks, I realize how crucial it is to select and invest in the right pairs. 
Many people have written on the subject but none of the available articles offer any advice on how you build a solid foundation for your clothing wardrobe. A blog on the shoe essentials every woman must have should not just list the type of shoe but should explain why it is an essential and offer guidance to selecting it. The shoe essentials every woman must have vary from woman to woman. The right fit is what fits your style, your budget and your life. It is not the hottest shoe, the most expensive shoe, the cheapest shoe or the chicest shoe on the market. So here you are ladies, the shoe essentials guide according to the Circe Girls! 
First on the list is the black pump. This is a must and should be one of your first investment pieces when transitioning to the world of designer shoes. Pointed or round toe you might ask? it does not matter and boils down to personal preference. They should be no higher than 120mm and you should be able to COMFORTABLY walk more than 100 feet. They need to take you to the office, out for cocktails and back home again. You will find that these will be your go to shoe for most occasions and you will get miles out of them.

With so many options available it is hard to narrow down which designer to choose. The CL So Kate in black kid is my go to because I have a high arch and a narrow foot.
If you have an average width foot I would select a Manolo Blahnik. The shank (toe box) is wider and longer than the the average louboutin. Other top picks would include the Saint Laurent Paris pump, Rossi (anything), and Prada, well, it's Prada! 
If you are looking for a quality, in style shoe (without the 4 digit price point, or more!) Stuart Weitzman is your shoe. Sam Edelman are also extremely comfortable and fashion forward!
A little secret I learned is to check out, you can snatch up current season items at a major discount!
Please ask me any questions about style, choices and fit! I love, love, love talking shoes!!!
Watch out for my next post tomorrow on more essentials!

Written by ARYN MAC — August 04, 2014

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