With the onset of winter as not just a distant thought, but an actual reality it is tempting to forgo Fall/Winter fashion and dive straight into Resort. More specifically the Arabian Night themed Dubai collection for 2015.
For me, I long for something a bit more exotic than the snow that battered the Northeast two days after Halloween and immediately found myself  filling my house with yellow roses and yearning for the comfort of my local Chanel boutique and the exotic looks from the Resort Dubai Collection.
Low and behold, I stumbled upon the daintiest and most elegant head adornments.  I was most drawn to a pearl and gold head piece and and crescent moon shaped CC comb. The combination on the two was so alluring I had to try it on. The minute I placed the head piece combination on my head I was transformed into a modern Shahrazad and knew I must obtain the pieces.
I have already begun to plan my evening looks and street style looks incorporating these two pieces and am very excited to show them off in the future. Instead of a thousand tales, I have at least a thousand looks I can put together!
 For now, simple pics featuring the pieces will have to suffice. But don't worry, you to can channel your inner Shahrazad, as I was able to snatch another set to offer to my fashionable fashionista followers!

Written by K Ten — November 06, 2014

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