Nicole Richie has become one of my favorite fashion icons. Always wearing the hottest pieces, or a rendition of them. For Art Basel Miami at the Delano Hotel, Nicole Richie wore the Spring 2014 remake of the 2000 Chanel Pearl Choker. The original version of the choker was worn by Miley Cyrus at the Bambi awards in Berlin.
Even with the resurgence and popularity of Vintage Chanel jewelry the 2014 remake did not outdo the original. The 2000 Chanel choker was elegant with the pearls being different in size, and an asymmetrical in placement on the neck. Usually symmetry is what we look for in beauty, but the symmetrical 2014 pearl necklace just did not suffice. It may be edgy but definitely won't be a sold out piece at Chanel boutiques. If you are looking to pay top dollar for second rate jewelry then this piece is perfect for you. Otherwise out with the new and bring back the vintage!
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Written by ARYN MAC — January 17, 2014

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