90's Come Back: "There is nothing new except what is forgotten"

The resurgence of 1990's fashion evokes a sense of carelessness and lavish frivolity where many trends harmoniously coexisted. Slowly but surely over the last few years the trends we loved in the 90's crept onto our runways, photo shoots, and infiltrated street style and music videos. Vibrant rainbow hues, neon and pastels, mini skirts and bomber jackets, tartan and graphic prints, leggings, tights, fishnets, and many more 90's trends.

Looking at the runway shows from Resort 2014 and Spring 2014 RTW I am overcome with a sense of nostalgia and
am reminded of my favorite TV shows and movies from that era and the trends I rocked in the 90's. Some fantastic and some I would rather not remember. I would share embarrassing childhood photos of myself from that era, but most include myself accessorizing with scrunchies, and that is one trend that should stay in the 90s. But I will bring you back to our favorite fashion from hit shows and movies from the 90s.

Everyone remembers Clueless with the fashion crazed Cher, Tay and Dee. Their obsession with tartan, miniskirts, mini backpacks and everything 90's is legendary! They wore the best clothes and hottest designer styles that were seemingly preppy but oozed sex appeal with bright colored nontraditional tartan and high hemlines. Chanel 2014 Spring RTW show had models decked out in pastel tweeds, bright pink tartan, and carrying mini backpacks (#winning).

Saved By the Bell was by far my favorite show of the 90's. I even tuned in to the Saved By The Bell wedding of Zack and Kelly. So glad they ended up together but at the time I wished it was me. On the show, Lisa Turttle was the ultimate fashionista. She never wore the same outfit twice; And it appears she was the must for the spring Saint Laurent runway show.
Sexy Kelly Kapowski seems to have been Rihanna's inspiration for her photo shoot ,only she took her look a step further with vintage 90's Chanel suspenders and a more suggestive hand placement.

Some of the best 90's trends have influenced street style. The Pretty Woman whore couture vibe was channeled by Rihanna with her black leather thigh high boots, Emma Watson on the cover of British GQ Magazine with the 'Pretty Woman' cut out dress, and Miley in her Michael Jordan Jersey cut out dress for music video '23' with her suicide blonde hair.  

These looks are edgy and sexy! Other fashionistas have not been so fortunate with their attempt at a 90's fashion revival. Rita Ora seems to be taking styling tips form Clueless' Tay (post Clueless makeover). Overalls are over and should be left in the 90's or used to dress small children.

Whether you hate it or love it, 90's is back in full swing! 

Written by ARYN MAC — October 19, 2013 and Look But Don't Touch

Most mornings this past summer I have woken up in Maine. A fashion black out. I have relied on sites such as and to see what celebrities are wearing and where. Who rocked what and who f*cked up. Thankfully, technology enables me to travel the world and view celebrity style, while I drink my coffee in the comfort of my own bed, with my Shih Tzu and Chihuahua. Tabloid magazines give you a biased report on what they consider 'in' fashion. But both websites, and, do just that- they sight and cite.

But during the summer of 2013, they have decided to include a "buy it" component to the items celerities sport. Great idea, right? Wrong! More often than not, links you to eBay, a notorious scamming site with only a few hidden authentic gems; old, broken links (thanks for getting my hopes up!), incorrect links, wrong designers and misidentified pieces. Well, you get the jist of just how flawed the "buy it" button actually is.  Seems they need a little bit of fashion insight before they cite their sight.

One of my guilty pleasures is to see what Kristen Stewart is doing or whom, might I add. I always gravitate towards clicking on her name because it never moves from "Popular Now" top five celebrities, located at the bottom of their page. Scanning through the items she has worn, I came across this amazing 'ASOS Premium Floral Bomber Jacket' she wore in a Vogue UK photo shoot. To the left of the page you see the "Buy it!" button. My heart flutters. My jacket is one click away. And then my dreams are crushed. The jacket is out of stock. But the hopeful button remains (five months later) taunting me everytime I see it. is in need of a hashtag: #epicfail

I rely on my shopping date with Kim Kardashian (now that she is out from post baby hiding) in LA while simultaneously riding ATVs with Rihanna in South Africa- still in the comfort of my own bed. Catching up each morning with various celebrities and fashionistas is almost as addictive as the coffee I drink, and each gets me motivated for my day. What can I say, fashion is my drug. is a bit more chaotic to navigate. However, they do a much better job at directing you to the correct website with the correct item the starlet is wearing. Their major flaw is when a fan gets a little too star crazy and posts a minimum of five pages dedicated to one celebrity (without naming their duds). Highly irritating if you are indifferent to the celebrity. Many of the pics are from years ago and the clothing is next to impossible to obtain and not to mention dated. Keep your shrines to yourself and do not under any circumstance post dated photos. Nobody cares, unless there is a possibility of obtaining the item. Past season items are not at department stores, possibly an outlet. But that is where I come in. The one stop shop to locate those items people think are impossible to locate.

When allowed the "buy it" button to lead you to sites selling fake items, it is propagating and condoning the selling of replicas and further disappointing the people who loved the original site just the way it was and for what it was. A place with the most up to date celebrity fashion.

It is website's such as and that let you see the world and meet celebrities for free. You can see the trends and meet the celebrities all before you finish your morning cup of coffee. But beware of the "Buy it!" button. Neither site is an authenticator for merchandise, only a site to cite. So browse with your eyes, and not your fingers.

Isabel Marant H&M: November 14th Can't Come Soon Enough!

The idea of high end couture designer lines collaborating with affordable priced stores allows the average person the ability to acquire authentic pieces by their famed designers. It enables those designers to reach a younger demographic. The youth is our future, in work and in fashion. And it is this younger age group that will determine the popularity of their non collaboratory lines in the future.
Isabel Marant is one of my favorite designers, so I will make sure to save the date! Isabel Marant has even carried over some original designs and hottest pieces from older collections. The Isabel Marant Fall 2010 RTW Lamé Tulip Skirt is almost identical to the collaberatory piece with H&M.
Brooklyn Decker and Dewi Driegen sport the original 2010 skirt, but without looking at past images you can barely tell which skirt is a collaboration! But I don't think there will be any complaints from the consumers.
Another very similar piece (but more trendy than iconic) piece, is the Isabel Marant Spring 2012 RTW Weez Embroidered Quilted Jacket. I extremely please they brought this back, and removed the trendy tie-dye. #iamthankfulforcollaberations
I don't think there is a single women's look in this collection that I dislike! Take a look at some of the looks and you can decide for yourself! If you are not wanting to stand in those long lines and fear missing out on one of these pieces in your size, just contact me at least a week prior to the release and I can make sure you or someone you love gets not just what they want but what they need!

Georgina Wilson: Magnum-fied

In reading the 2010 Cosmopolitan for the Philippines, where the gregarious Georgina Wilson graces the cover, you feel her energy and spirit lift off the pages. You feel her hope, liveliness, affable nature, love, and beauty. Cosmopolitan referred to IT girl Georgie, as "1/2 Leighton [Meester], 1/2 Megan Fox." But this model has more than just towering height, long legs, a great body and a stunner countenance. She is a her own unique constellation of attributes that make her a luminary of both the intellectual and fashion worlds.

After being discovered during high school, Georgina continued on to college, to get not one, but two degrees. She earned a Bachelor's degree in both Finance and Accounting from the University of Australia while simultaneously working in the modeling industry and making a name for herself. It is that work ethic, and appetite for life that catapulted her into stardom and has gotten her to where she is today. 

Winning the genetic lottery did help her chances, but did not guarantee her fame and fortune, Georgie has worked very hard for what she has accomplished.  She is not a nameless unapproachable beauty on a billboard. Her affable nature is captured on numerous television appearances and goofy youtube postings- my favorite being her and others lip-scyhing Carlie Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe."  These appearances make her relatable, real and very much human, lending her a sexy girl next-door vibe.

Georgina is not only a model but a role model. She has not sacrificed her values or entrenched herself with scandal and gossip as celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have done. Georgina has fame for her achievements, she is not infamous for misdeeds. She has cemented herself as a celebrity and brand people want to know, can relate to and want as their brand ambassador. Jaguar recently made her brand ambassador for the Philippines.

Bench was so besotted with her they have her grace their runway annually and collaborated on her fragrance lines 'Oh My George!' (eau de toilette) and 'XOXO' (doe cologne). Most notably Georgina is brand ambassador for Magnum ice cream which features her in their international campaigns. Such opportunities have opened the international market for her to introduce herself and take the world by storm Georgie style and demonstrate what beauty brains and perseverance can achieve.
Above you the stunning Georgina Wilson in a Boom Sason dress designed especially for Georgie, for the Magnum VIP Party in the Philippines. She accessorized with only the iconic Celine ID Gold Chain Necklace to create a simple, sleek, elegant and sexy ensemble. Below, at the press launch at the URBN Bar and Kitchen, Georgie accessorizes her long sleeved, red, asymmetrical dress with the matching Celine ID Gold Bracelet, creating the same glamorous aesthetic as her previous look.
With a booming career you would think Georgina would want a respite from the seemingly chaotic schedule she must have, but she is a regularly seen out with friends at launch parties and traveling for pleasure and always looking fabulous. Whether she is sans makeup at Cochella (as seen in the image below), spotted at launch parties, or taking #selfies, her fashion choices are never a miss.
Below you can see her amazing choice in shoes. From left to right, we have Azzedine Alaia Leopard-print calf hair platform pumps, a pair of fashionable flippers in the middle, and on the right, one of this years hottest shoes by Christian Louboutin, the Rampoldi Suede Ankle Strap Pumps. Leopard is huge for this season, and regardless of these shoes not being this year's design, fashion forward Georgina Wilson knows how to integrate past season pieces into this years wardrobe. The workings of a true fashionista. 
Nothing Manilla's IT Girl Georgina Wilson does is small, it's Magnum-fied. She earned two degrees. She has graced the cover of Preview Magazine numerous times, rocked the cover of Cosmopolatin Magazine, launched her own fragrance line and became brand ambassador for multiple high end products. So if you want to be like Georgie-- you better get to work b**ch!

Spike It Up: The Best and the Worst of Biker Boot Trends

This Years explosion of punk grunge couture has yielded extraordinary pieces from top designers, making it a fun way to spice up your wardrobe. Biker boots have waxed and waned in popularity throughout fashion history but this years resurgence of the style has given the general public access to some amazing and not so amazing styles and designer interpretations. And yes, those are Giuseppe Zanotti boots on the left side of the image below, not a Steve Madden replica. They only cost 2025 USD, so don't worry you will not only feel bad after spending that much on these shoes, but look worse.
Balenciaga has been the forerunner for the biker boot trend with the Balenciaga black cut out boots with either silver or gold hardware. You can never go wrong with this classic but with other couture designers showcasing their variations of the style it is less likely to garner attention as it has been reproduced for countless seasons and is more commonplace than other designers styles on the market. It is not a fashion miss but it is not a fashion hit either. It is simply playing it safe.
The worst version of the biker boot trend was produced by Guiseppe Zanotti. Zanotti's Studded Box calf Boots exude a tacky vibe and a 2K price tag. The massive spikes and glossy sheen of the leather are indicative of a wannabe designer bedazzling military issue combat boots. To purchase and wear this boot would not only be a fashion miss but a travesty.
Saint Laurent's audacious fashion takeover of the biker boot is beyond reproach. They produced multiple variations of the style and it has payed off. Each piece is a triumph but none more so than the Studded Rangers Boots and Charm Rangers Boots. The studded rangers boot boasts an extreme biker vibe with a playful edge. Multiple straps, buckles and various stud and spike sizes make this the most daring boot of the season. A must have and a true statement piece.
And they look even better on!
Some women prefer a more subtle punk vibe with a more femme fatale edge. The Charm Rangers capture the more feminine vibe with all the jewels, pearls and chain detailing while still maintaining its punk roots with a spiked toe. 
Whether you desire an extreme punk vibe or want to channel your inner punk princess, either Saint Laurent style is sure be a fashion hit and make you a candidate for the best dressed list.

Runaway in Runway: Saint Laurent Couture to Instant Street Style

Thanks to this years Met Gala themed " Punk: From Chaos to Couture, " punk couture has become Fall/ Winter 2013/2014's hottest trend. At the Met Gala, Sienna Miller and Cara Delevingne blazed the red carpet with the sexiest and most stunning looks of the evening.
While both women opted for Burberry gowns, Sienna accessorized with a 2009 Burberry Prorsum studded and spiked leather motorcycle jacket, Eddie Borogo spiked headband and Genevive Jones ear cuff. Cara prefered a more minimalist look, allowing her dress to be the statement piece. She accessorized with a LeiVanKash dagger necklace and Dominic Jones earrings and rings.
A vast array of punk looks had been seen in top designer runway shows for Fall/ Winter 2013/2014, but nobody could have predicted the impact the Met Gala theme had on the punk/ grunge couture movement in progress, and to come. The Saint Laurent Ranger Buckle Boots that were seen on the runway have already sold out (as seen below from the runway). Fallout from the event yielded a public obsession with punk/grunge couture and craving for it is rivaled only by peoples obsession with punk in the 1980's and grunge in the 1990's. However, this years #streetstyle will not be bad mohawks and cheap spiked dog collars. The translation from the Met Gala inspiration is less chaotic and more sophisticated. A merging of punk and grunge that has capitulated into the couture world.
Saint Laurent Rangers Boots
Designers, especially Saint Laurent, have manifested their own interpertation of punk/grunge couture and have used commonly associated materials into their designs. They have subtly integrated studs, spikes, chains, tartan, fishnet and leather into everything from pieces for everyday street style to a LBD. Everything you would have seen on Madonna and Courtney Love in those eras except with class and a touch of sophistication.
For the first time the unattainable sophistication of runway has collided with street style. Saint Laurent's current collection has become a large success even though it was first dubbed an abomination by critics for its casual aesthetic. Saint Laurent's runway looks do not need to be translated, modified or adapted. You could walk off the runway in these ensembles as these designer pieces evoke a more all-ready-to-wear vibe, than high fashion. This year, a 'couture look' could be synonymous for a 'Coachella Vibe' or "Hell's Angel Get-Up," as seen in the below outfits from Saint Laurent Fall 2013 RTW. In the below leather bondage-meets-school girl outfit we have a Taylor Momsem (without the high hooker boots) and Miley Cyrus (without her tongue out of her mouth) vibe.
And below, a little more Kirsten Dunst, Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens action.
I love the deep-v dress, with a flannel cover-up and buckled boots. Very California. Very Comfortable. It makes me want to runaway in runway!

Written by ARYN MAC — September 16, 2013

Will the Real Kim K Please Stand Up?

With the most enviable curves on the planet, Kim Kardashian proves you do not have to be pin thin to be sexy or desirable. But her last year of fashion has done nothing but hide her best ASSets and bore us with its unstructured simplicity and predictability. Thank you Kanye West for taking an our IT girl, and turning her into your dress-up doll. She is not Christine Centenera, so stop making over Kim's wardrobe to match hers. They have two completely different body types and equally different personalities. Fashion isn't what you wear, it's how you wear it. And if you don't have the figure for the outfit, it will look poor, no matter what you spend on it.

   Who knew Kim's A** could look bigger than ever in black pants?-- it was my understanding black was supposed to be slimming. Try again Kanye! And for all the times Kim was on the worst dressed list, it should have been her body with Kanye's head photo-shopped on it. Maybe Kanye is listening to a little too much Wiz Khalifa, there shouldn't be black and yellow mixed in the outfit below. It is not Halloween. And no, you are not a bumblebee. It's like, Whaka Flaka?!

Kim would wear less couture brands, such as Australian designer Sass & Bide, Report Signature, Stuart Weitzman, etc... And every piece of clothing, shoe or accessory she touched, turned to gold. She put Sass & Bide on the map when she rocked these three looks! All pieces sold out worldwide and are still sought after pieces today. The first (left to right) is the Sass & Bide No Way Out Dress. In the middle we have the Sass & Bide 'The Desired Effect Strapless Fitted Panel Dress." And on the far right, Sass & Bide Essence and Attitude Dress. Pieces that not only flattered her figured, but gave her a little kick in her step.


Report Signature also benefited from Kim's obsession with their over the knee Fairfax boots. They became so popular Report Signature came out with the Fairfax 2, where the leather was a little more crinkled.

Herve Leger was also a wardrobe staple for her. Kim rocked the brand's signature bandage style dress in a vast array of colors over the years. Color and pattern were no stranger to her closet.

Kim's now monochromatic color scheme is devoid of personality and just shy of pathetic. It has also left many wondering what to expect for future fashion choices from the new momma. and makes us wish for the time when she flaunted her figure with flair.

Kim went to a friend's BBQ on September 1, 2013 in Beverly Hills. And debuted blonde hair?

Will the real Kim Kardashian Please Stand Up?!

A New Perspex-tive

Perspex Clutches are the new "IT" item for 2013! Charlotte Olympia and Tom Binns collaborated on a limited edition clutch "Pump Pandora." One has a hot pink satin pouch inside, adorned with gold colored safety pins and stepped up with clasp with none other than a large, bold, gold safety pink. The other version (both seen below) has a black satin insert with silver safety pin, and silver safety pin clasp.
American actress Morgan Saylor rocked both the Charlotte Olympia X Tom Binns Pandora Clutch With Pins, Holly Fulton Fall 2013 RTW Lipstick-Print Dress at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala.
Jessica Stam pins it at the 2013 CFDA Awards on June 4, 2013! And who knew Rebecca Minkoff had a killer yellow peplum dress to match?

Fashion Fascination: Barbara and Balmain

From booties to blazers, no one rocks Balmain like Barbara Martelo. She has an uncanny knack for integrating past and present seasons and looking sleek and sexy with a fierce rocker chic vibe. In this black leather, quilted Balmain mini skirt.
Clearly these black suede Balmain Sofia ankle booties are a favorite with her, as she rocks them on multiple occasions. It is not hard to guess why, as they are extremely comfortable yet chic.
On the left, Barbara Martelo is wearing all black Balmain for her #streetstyle. Leather pants, cropped Balmain blazer with a satin lapel, and yes the comfortable Balmain Sofia boots. In the right she is wearing distressed gap jeans and again the Sofia boots and Balmain leather blazer.
On the left, Martelo is adorned in a Balmain Red Studded 'Safety Pin' Biker Jacket. One of my favorite Balmain pieces she has worn. On the right, she strays away from her seamless Balmain ways, and wears a Celine leopard sweater from 2012, paired with Givenchy Black Leather Shark, Over the Knee Boots. But whatever her brand of choice might be, it is always sleek and seamless.

2013: MTV Video Music Awards (VMA's)-- The Twerk Heard Round the World

The MTV Video Music Awards (VMA's) have always been a platform for artists to showcase their talent, push boundaries and shock audiences with controversial but pioneering live performances. The 1984 VMA's set the stage for what viewers should expect from artists' looking to define their image. Madonna was the first to stir up controversy with her "Like a Virgin" performance. She writhed on the floor suggestively in a not so 'virgin' like white wedding ensemble, heavy makeup and cherry red lips. By doing this Madonna opened the door for female performers to embrace their sensuality while performing and made it acceptable for women to showcase more erotic performances.
Below are screen shots from her 1984 performance of "Like a Virgin," thrusting on the floor, as if she was "touched for the very first time." Clearly the move of a virgin.
Britney Spears went a step further than Madonna at the 2000 VMA's when she stripped down from a pant suit to a nude bejeweled bralet and pant combination appearing almost naked while performing her hit "Oops!...I Did it Again." The striptease and dance that followed was considered scandalous but consistent with Britney's image of boundary pushing performances.
The following year she heated up the stage again performing "I'm a Slave 4 U" in a barely there bandeau and boyshort combo, a live snake draped around her shoulders and a very suggestive dance set that is now cemented in VMA history as one of the hottest performances of all time.
Both Britney and Madonna teamed up for the 2003 VMA's and gave a boundary pushing performance of "Like a Virgin" and "Hollywood". The two shared an intimate moment while performing by sharing what is now known as the notorious kiss. Together they set the standard of anything goes at the VMA's and made history as the most scandalous performance to date.
Miley Cyrus' onstage antics at the 2013 VMA's were no more risqué than her predecessors. She stripped, danced in a flesh tone bralet and boyshort combination, danced with animals and shared an inappropriate but intimate moment with another performer on stage all in one performance. Prior to appearing onstage she alluded to her performance being even crazier than Madonna and Britney... and it was. Whether your thoughts are negative, positive or indifferent, Miley made VMA history by giving the CRAZIEST performance of all time. She lacked the dancing ability of Ms. B, but had the same notoriety for 'twerking' her little white girl ass. The VMA's are a time to shock and awe your audience. And Ms. Miley did that. 
She definitely shocked Robin Thicke when she twerked up on his d**k. I wonder if it was THICK?
YUMMY! Ms. Miley sure looks happy! Is that a bulge growing in his pants?-- good thing stripes are sliming! Oh, poor Liam Hemsworth-- what is he to do with his bride-to-be?

Written by ARYN MAC — August 29, 2013