Marc Jacobs used friend Miley Cyrus For his Spring 2014 ad campaign and the results are masterful. The photos showcase short haired Miley in a structured military blazer with a hint of Victorian era lace details, simple trousers and embellished shoes. She sits, arms draped over her knees gazing forlornly into the distance with a tinge of angst and despair resonating from her face.
This image of Miss Miley are a far cry from the near naked, sassy and sometimes raunchy pics of the starlet we are used to seeing. Could this be an attempt for the starlet to make a more subtle statement about life, art and fashion? 
Over the past year her behavior has been considered by most to be a series of publicity stunts, teenage antics and cries for help. Until this ad campaign Miley has not been taken seriously and this campaign has been an opportunity for her to express herself in the most subtle way possible. 
The brooding and androgynous look speaks volumes more than just showcasing Jacobs's fashion line. It illustrates what and where Miley and most people find themselves in life. In between identities and realities. Not knowing or feeling particularly connected with ones self. Contemplating the future but acutely aware our former self is dead. Realizing there is no way to go back to who and what we were, nor the way things were in our life. Realizing the impossibility to recreate the past.
The imagery used in the campaign alludes to the universal struggle with self every person encounters, regardless of race, religion gender and ethnicity. The dead model representing the death of our past, Miley representing the struggle with our present and the illusive figure in the back representing the unknown future.
Choosing Miley, a person who clearly struggles with herself at times was a glorious choice for the campaign. No one could have represented the theme better or more effectively. The beach setting was also ideal for the photography. Just like the tides, our lives unpredictably ebb and flow. 
This campaign was deeper than a series of images of a celebrity and couture fashion. It demonstrates a stage of human nature we too commonly find ourselves in. Uncertainty. We can be more certain about our fashion choices, thankfully. But underneath our clothes, we can find ourselves confused, conflicted about ourselves, our life, our past and our future.  

Written by ARYN MAC — January 26, 2014

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