As we delve into our wardrobes or the internet desperately searching for ways to uniquely distinguish ourselves as cutting edge fashionistas we forget that we do not need the newest haute couture ensembles to look haute. 
Chanel Vintage CC drop Rhinestone Choker : Miley Cyrus, Rihanna


Many of these ensembles look amazing on the runway or an editorial spread but they are over shadowed by the beautiful vintage jewels paired with them. By the time you have finished looking at the magazine article all that lingers in your mind are the breath taking vintage accessories.
Earrings, belts, brooches, bracelets and necklaces are currently used to enhance current magazine photo shoots and often eclipse the designer duds they are meant to enhance or compliment. It is surprising to find out that the accessories used in these photo shoots are sometimes over 20 years old!
Vintage CHANEL Number 5 Five Earrings with Pearls
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Vintage CHANEL Coat Hanger Motif Pearl Drop Earrings
The right accessories can take a simple look and transform it into a new classic in an instant. Proving that clothes do not need to be expensive to look expensive. 
Accessorizing what we already have with vintage accessories is the perfect way to set yourself apart in the fashion world. The 1980's and 1990's was the golden age of Chanel costume Jewelry, and it was during this time the most iconic and sought after pieces emerged. 
These pieces have been featured in magazines worldwide, including magazines from this past year and previous years.
Every Chanel piece seen in the images may not be online, but contact us for access to the Circe Vault! If you do not see the piece you are looking for throughout this blog or website just ask and we will be happy to list it for you to purchase.

Written by K Ten — May 24, 2015


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