Most blogs featuring Oscar de la Renta are filled with only adulation for the designer, but mine is also personal.

Yes, his stylish and classic creations transcend time and lend an air of glamour and sophistication to any event but they are more than just mere dresses. They are art; and they were and are inspiration for  generations of women and and girls. They are the ultimate in glamour. Seen on every women of every age and style.

Growing up I idolized Oscar de la Renta. I would pretend my barbies were going to red carpet events, balls and getting married in his creations. At the time, an Oscar de la Renta dress for myself was unattainable and impracticable for a 7 year old but it was the ultimate representation of womanhood to possess his creations. To this day I still do not feel worthy to own his creations and don't. Who knows when I will.

His creations have graced royalty and First Ladies.
Fashionistas such as Miroslava Duma
Countless celebrities and Red carpet events.
Magazines like Vogue.
 And even been featured in countless tv episodes like Gossip Girl. No wonder the fashion was so incredible!

I would like to thank Oscar de la Renta for my inspiration to embark into the world of fashion and set the standard for what I believe is classic and timeless elegance.


Written by K Ten — November 09, 2014

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