With the most enviable curves on the planet, Kim Kardashian proves you do not have to be pin thin to be sexy or desirable. But her last year of fashion has done nothing but hide her best ASSets and bore us with its unstructured simplicity and predictability. Thank you Kanye West for taking an our IT girl, and turning her into your dress-up doll. She is not Christine Centenera, so stop making over Kim's wardrobe to match hers. They have two completely different body types and equally different personalities. Fashion isn't what you wear, it's how you wear it. And if you don't have the figure for the outfit, it will look poor, no matter what you spend on it.

   Who knew Kim's A** could look bigger than ever in black pants?-- it was my understanding black was supposed to be slimming. Try again Kanye! And for all the times Kim was on the worst dressed list, it should have been her body with Kanye's head photo-shopped on it. Maybe Kanye is listening to a little too much Wiz Khalifa, there shouldn't be black and yellow mixed in the outfit below. It is not Halloween. And no, you are not a bumblebee. It's like, Whaka Flaka?!

Kim would wear less couture brands, such as Australian designer Sass & Bide, Report Signature, Stuart Weitzman, etc... And every piece of clothing, shoe or accessory she touched, turned to gold. She put Sass & Bide on the map when she rocked these three looks! All pieces sold out worldwide and are still sought after pieces today. The first (left to right) is the Sass & Bide No Way Out Dress. In the middle we have the Sass & Bide 'The Desired Effect Strapless Fitted Panel Dress." And on the far right, Sass & Bide Essence and Attitude Dress. Pieces that not only flattered her figured, but gave her a little kick in her step.


Report Signature also benefited from Kim's obsession with their over the knee Fairfax boots. They became so popular Report Signature came out with the Fairfax 2, where the leather was a little more crinkled.

Herve Leger was also a wardrobe staple for her. Kim rocked the brand's signature bandage style dress in a vast array of colors over the years. Color and pattern were no stranger to her closet.

Kim's now monochromatic color scheme is devoid of personality and just shy of pathetic. It has also left many wondering what to expect for future fashion choices from the new momma. and makes us wish for the time when she flaunted her figure with flair.

Kim went to a friend's BBQ on September 1, 2013 in Beverly Hills. And debuted blonde hair?

Will the real Kim Kardashian Please Stand Up?!

Written by ARYN MAC — September 05, 2013

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