The resurgence of 1990's fashion evokes a sense of carelessness and lavish frivolity where many trends harmoniously coexisted. Slowly but surely over the last few years the trends we loved in the 90's crept onto our runways, photo shoots, and infiltrated street style and music videos. Vibrant rainbow hues, neon and pastels, mini skirts and bomber jackets, tartan and graphic prints, leggings, tights, fishnets, and many more 90's trends.

Looking at the runway shows from Resort 2014 and Spring 2014 RTW I am overcome with a sense of nostalgia and
am reminded of my favorite TV shows and movies from that era and the trends I rocked in the 90's. Some fantastic and some I would rather not remember. I would share embarrassing childhood photos of myself from that era, but most include myself accessorizing with scrunchies, and that is one trend that should stay in the 90s. But I will bring you back to our favorite fashion from hit shows and movies from the 90s.

Everyone remembers Clueless with the fashion crazed Cher, Tay and Dee. Their obsession with tartan, miniskirts, mini backpacks and everything 90's is legendary! They wore the best clothes and hottest designer styles that were seemingly preppy but oozed sex appeal with bright colored nontraditional tartan and high hemlines. Chanel 2014 Spring RTW show had models decked out in pastel tweeds, bright pink tartan, and carrying mini backpacks (#winning).

Saved By the Bell was by far my favorite show of the 90's. I even tuned in to the Saved By The Bell wedding of Zack and Kelly. So glad they ended up together but at the time I wished it was me. On the show, Lisa Turttle was the ultimate fashionista. She never wore the same outfit twice; And it appears she was the must for the spring Saint Laurent runway show.
Sexy Kelly Kapowski seems to have been Rihanna's inspiration for her photo shoot ,only she took her look a step further with vintage 90's Chanel suspenders and a more suggestive hand placement.

Some of the best 90's trends have influenced street style. The Pretty Woman whore couture vibe was channeled by Rihanna with her black leather thigh high boots, Emma Watson on the cover of British GQ Magazine with the 'Pretty Woman' cut out dress, and Miley in her Michael Jordan Jersey cut out dress for music video '23' with her suicide blonde hair.  

These looks are edgy and sexy! Other fashionistas have not been so fortunate with their attempt at a 90's fashion revival. Rita Ora seems to be taking styling tips form Clueless' Tay (post Clueless makeover). Overalls are over and should be left in the 90's or used to dress small children.

Whether you hate it or love it, 90's is back in full swing! 

Written by ARYN MAC — October 19, 2013


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Love the 90s!

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