Thanks to this years Met Gala themed " Punk: From Chaos to Couture, " punk couture has become Fall/ Winter 2013/2014's hottest trend. At the Met Gala, Sienna Miller and Cara Delevingne blazed the red carpet with the sexiest and most stunning looks of the evening.
While both women opted for Burberry gowns, Sienna accessorized with a 2009 Burberry Prorsum studded and spiked leather motorcycle jacket, Eddie Borogo spiked headband and Genevive Jones ear cuff. Cara prefered a more minimalist look, allowing her dress to be the statement piece. She accessorized with a LeiVanKash dagger necklace and Dominic Jones earrings and rings.
A vast array of punk looks had been seen in top designer runway shows for Fall/ Winter 2013/2014, but nobody could have predicted the impact the Met Gala theme had on the punk/ grunge couture movement in progress, and to come. The Saint Laurent Ranger Buckle Boots that were seen on the runway have already sold out (as seen below from the runway). Fallout from the event yielded a public obsession with punk/grunge couture and craving for it is rivaled only by peoples obsession with punk in the 1980's and grunge in the 1990's. However, this years #streetstyle will not be bad mohawks and cheap spiked dog collars. The translation from the Met Gala inspiration is less chaotic and more sophisticated. A merging of punk and grunge that has capitulated into the couture world.
Saint Laurent Rangers Boots
Designers, especially Saint Laurent, have manifested their own interpertation of punk/grunge couture and have used commonly associated materials into their designs. They have subtly integrated studs, spikes, chains, tartan, fishnet and leather into everything from pieces for everyday street style to a LBD. Everything you would have seen on Madonna and Courtney Love in those eras except with class and a touch of sophistication.
For the first time the unattainable sophistication of runway has collided with street style. Saint Laurent's current collection has become a large success even though it was first dubbed an abomination by critics for its casual aesthetic. Saint Laurent's runway looks do not need to be translated, modified or adapted. You could walk off the runway in these ensembles as these designer pieces evoke a more all-ready-to-wear vibe, than high fashion. This year, a 'couture look' could be synonymous for a 'Coachella Vibe' or "Hell's Angel Get-Up," as seen in the below outfits from Saint Laurent Fall 2013 RTW. In the below leather bondage-meets-school girl outfit we have a Taylor Momsem (without the high hooker boots) and Miley Cyrus (without her tongue out of her mouth) vibe.
And below, a little more Kirsten Dunst, Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens action.
I love the deep-v dress, with a flannel cover-up and buckled boots. Very California. Very Comfortable. It makes me want to runaway in runway!

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