In reading the 2010 Cosmopolitan for the Philippines, where the gregarious Georgina Wilson graces the cover, you feel her energy and spirit lift off the pages. You feel her hope, liveliness, affable nature, love, and beauty. Cosmopolitan referred to IT girl Georgie, as "1/2 Leighton [Meester], 1/2 Megan Fox." But this model has more than just towering height, long legs, a great body and a stunner countenance. She is a her own unique constellation of attributes that make her a luminary of both the intellectual and fashion worlds.

After being discovered during high school, Georgina continued on to college, to get not one, but two degrees. She earned a Bachelor's degree in both Finance and Accounting from the University of Australia while simultaneously working in the modeling industry and making a name for herself. It is that work ethic, and appetite for life that catapulted her into stardom and has gotten her to where she is today. 

Winning the genetic lottery did help her chances, but did not guarantee her fame and fortune, Georgie has worked very hard for what she has accomplished.  She is not a nameless unapproachable beauty on a billboard. Her affable nature is captured on numerous television appearances and goofy youtube postings- my favorite being her and others lip-scyhing Carlie Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe."  These appearances make her relatable, real and very much human, lending her a sexy girl next-door vibe.

Georgina is not only a model but a role model. She has not sacrificed her values or entrenched herself with scandal and gossip as celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have done. Georgina has fame for her achievements, she is not infamous for misdeeds. She has cemented herself as a celebrity and brand people want to know, can relate to and want as their brand ambassador. Jaguar recently made her brand ambassador for the Philippines.

Bench was so besotted with her they have her grace their runway annually and collaborated on her fragrance lines 'Oh My George!' (eau de toilette) and 'XOXO' (doe cologne). Most notably Georgina is brand ambassador for Magnum ice cream which features her in their international campaigns. Such opportunities have opened the international market for her to introduce herself and take the world by storm Georgie style and demonstrate what beauty brains and perseverance can achieve.
Above you the stunning Georgina Wilson in a Boom Sason dress designed especially for Georgie, for the Magnum VIP Party in the Philippines. She accessorized with only the iconic Celine ID Gold Chain Necklace to create a simple, sleek, elegant and sexy ensemble. Below, at the press launch at the URBN Bar and Kitchen, Georgie accessorizes her long sleeved, red, asymmetrical dress with the matching Celine ID Gold Bracelet, creating the same glamorous aesthetic as her previous look.
With a booming career you would think Georgina would want a respite from the seemingly chaotic schedule she must have, but she is a regularly seen out with friends at launch parties and traveling for pleasure and always looking fabulous. Whether she is sans makeup at Cochella (as seen in the image below), spotted at launch parties, or taking #selfies, her fashion choices are never a miss.
Below you can see her amazing choice in shoes. From left to right, we have Azzedine Alaia Leopard-print calf hair platform pumps, a pair of fashionable flippers in the middle, and on the right, one of this years hottest shoes by Christian Louboutin, the Rampoldi Suede Ankle Strap Pumps. Leopard is huge for this season, and regardless of these shoes not being this year's design, fashion forward Georgina Wilson knows how to integrate past season pieces into this years wardrobe. The workings of a true fashionista. 
Nothing Manilla's IT Girl Georgina Wilson does is small, it's Magnum-fied. She earned two degrees. She has graced the cover of Preview Magazine numerous times, rocked the cover of Cosmopolatin Magazine, launched her own fragrance line and became brand ambassador for multiple high end products. So if you want to be like Georgie-- you better get to work b**ch!

Written by ARYN MAC — October 06, 2013

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