The idea of high end couture designer lines collaborating with affordable priced stores allows the average person the ability to acquire authentic pieces by their famed designers. It enables those designers to reach a younger demographic. The youth is our future, in work and in fashion. And it is this younger age group that will determine the popularity of their non collaboratory lines in the future.
Isabel Marant is one of my favorite designers, so I will make sure to save the date! Isabel Marant has even carried over some original designs and hottest pieces from older collections. The Isabel Marant Fall 2010 RTW Lamé Tulip Skirt is almost identical to the collaberatory piece with H&M.
Brooklyn Decker and Dewi Driegen sport the original 2010 skirt, but without looking at past images you can barely tell which skirt is a collaboration! But I don't think there will be any complaints from the consumers.
Another very similar piece (but more trendy than iconic) piece, is the Isabel Marant Spring 2012 RTW Weez Embroidered Quilted Jacket. I extremely please they brought this back, and removed the trendy tie-dye. #iamthankfulforcollaberations
I don't think there is a single women's look in this collection that I dislike! Take a look at some of the looks and you can decide for yourself! If you are not wanting to stand in those long lines and fear missing out on one of these pieces in your size, just contact me at least a week prior to the release and I can make sure you or someone you love gets not just what they want but what they need!

Written by ARYN MAC — October 08, 2013

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