This Years explosion of punk grunge couture has yielded extraordinary pieces from top designers, making it a fun way to spice up your wardrobe. Biker boots have waxed and waned in popularity throughout fashion history but this years resurgence of the style has given the general public access to some amazing and not so amazing styles and designer interpretations. And yes, those are Giuseppe Zanotti boots on the left side of the image below, not a Steve Madden replica. They only cost 2025 USD, so don't worry you will not only feel bad after spending that much on these shoes, but look worse.
Balenciaga has been the forerunner for the biker boot trend with the Balenciaga black cut out boots with either silver or gold hardware. You can never go wrong with this classic but with other couture designers showcasing their variations of the style it is less likely to garner attention as it has been reproduced for countless seasons and is more commonplace than other designers styles on the market. It is not a fashion miss but it is not a fashion hit either. It is simply playing it safe.
The worst version of the biker boot trend was produced by Guiseppe Zanotti. Zanotti's Studded Box calf Boots exude a tacky vibe and a 2K price tag. The massive spikes and glossy sheen of the leather are indicative of a wannabe designer bedazzling military issue combat boots. To purchase and wear this boot would not only be a fashion miss but a travesty.
Saint Laurent's audacious fashion takeover of the biker boot is beyond reproach. They produced multiple variations of the style and it has payed off. Each piece is a triumph but none more so than the Studded Rangers Boots and Charm Rangers Boots. The studded rangers boot boasts an extreme biker vibe with a playful edge. Multiple straps, buckles and various stud and spike sizes make this the most daring boot of the season. A must have and a true statement piece.
And they look even better on!
Some women prefer a more subtle punk vibe with a more femme fatale edge. The Charm Rangers capture the more feminine vibe with all the jewels, pearls and chain detailing while still maintaining its punk roots with a spiked toe. 
Whether you desire an extreme punk vibe or want to channel your inner punk princess, either Saint Laurent style is sure be a fashion hit and make you a candidate for the best dressed list.

Written by ARYN MAC — September 22, 2013

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