It looks like the Christian Louboutin (@louboutinworld) has redone his 'IT' shoe of 2012 and it is once again in high demand! The bis un bout is back for 2013! But in a multitude of python, water snake and other exotic colors and textures. As all Loubi lovers know, it was produced in 2012 in red suede, hot pink patent, black suede and bright yellow patent. Louboutin had them in an 85mm sling back, 100mm pump and 120mm pump. They were not only sold at CL boutiques, but sold at retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, and an additional select few department stores. But even with the larger production in 2012, it was hard for people to get their hands on them! But ebayer's and reseller's alike could double their money selling the bis un bout- any color and any size. The black suede and yellow patent were last years killers. This shoe was and still is pure gold!
                Kristen Stewart wore the lovely yellow patent Christian Louboutin Bis Un Bout Pumps to the Snow White and the Huntsman Mexican press conference. And the stunning Rihanna wore the black suede Bis Un Bout Pumps to the 54th Annual Grammy Awards.                                   
This year we Loubi overs aren't as fortunate. Louboutin used his keen business sense to keep the bis un bout at his online store and select Christian Louboutin Boutiques. However, it is devastating to those people in the United States that prefered the 100mm heel height. This 2013 they were only produced for the Horatio Boutique in New York. And a little birdy told me some sizes have been held up in customs for months! And others have not even been shipped yet! There are going to be some sad faces when that shoe doesn't arrive, due to custom issues. But pain is beauty, so wear those 120mm bis un bout in style-- if there are still any left!
The appeal of the 120mm are my personal preference in appearance, but walking around in that heel height day in and out, my feet would beg for uggs or a couple ice packs-- maybe both. But it was Mr. L who said "I would hate for someone to look at my shoe and say, 'Oh my God! That looks so comfortable'. So 100mm lovers, get some foot pads, go up a size and suck it up!
And to all those who are desperate for the lower heel height in the bis un bout, fly to another country and pray they have your size. I never take chances when it comes to couture, or the bis un bout. And all CL lovers know, the boutiques never ship exotics.
So get out there, and get your foot candy!

Written by ARYN MAC — August 22, 2013

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