Louis Vuitton is forever integrating their traditional rich and glamourous brown monogram palette. But for pre-fall 2013 they have chosen to utilize it in a richer more complex way with silks, brocades and leather pieces. 

The capes, embroidered dresses, casual knits and luxe furs demonstrate the simple elegance traditional for Louis Vuitton. This falls line combines trendy pops of color and uses a vast array of deep shades blue, rich gray and earthy clay neutrals.

As always there are beautiful classic and traditional all black ensembles that are usually sported during the colder months. But it is nice to see pops of color as integral parts of a collection's fall line. Fiery orange, deep fuchsia, and ruby reds mixed with mercurial gray and accented with a cool and calming hues of blue complete the regal yet casual vibe of this collection.

Written by ARYN MAC — July 01, 2013

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