The Celine ID Choker Necklace will be a staple accessories for years to come. The Celine choker is iconic, and no designer can hack a decent replica. People are willing to pay double retail to attain the Celine Choker, and there is reason why. Fashion trends come and go, and this necklace isn't going anywhere. So my advice is to invest, or follow another accessory trend. 

The best of the worst immitation ID chokers is the Nicholas ID Necklace.  Australian brand Nicholas' forte is clothing- the cut, the color, the style; impeccable. But as you can see above, the ID necklace hangs awkwardly and looks like a ten dollar accessory you could pick up at Claire's or eBay (ironically it retails for 110 USD). My motto is you only live once, so do what you want, live how you want, buy what you want. Because at the end of the day, if you purchase an imitation necklace, you are going to regret it and be 110 USD short. 

Written by ARYN MAC — April 27, 2013

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