Kourtney Kardashian!!! She has proven to be relatable over the years with her fashion choices. Below you can see how she integrates a Juicy Couture Faux Fur Capelet (which was a must-buy at the time, and don't worry I bought one, and wish I could find another! Not only was it a well-priced, but I still wear it to this day with the average person assuming it is couture) with a Gucci Trilby hat and Proenza Schouler pochette. 


I remember at the time the coat retailed for around 300 USD. And in this world, how you put yourself together says a lot about you. We live in a shallow world, where we are judged in what we wear, and we judge others, whether we want to or not. And more than anything, we want to emulate the people we respect- whether that be in their mannerisms, lifestyle, and/or fashion. We find ourselves dying to wear what they wear, live how they live, and dress how they dress. The only problem is, most teenagers, young adults and/or adults, don't have the disposable income to buy a new coat every season as the fads come and go. 

There are still many people that do not even have the funds to purchase a warm coat, let alone it be a trendy item. But watching these shows can alter our perception of reality. Making us believe that we have to own everything out favorite celebrity/idol owns, regardless of the cost. These shows can push people to live beyond their means. I love that Kourtney Kardashian wears lower priced items, and still makes them look couture. She seems to be frugal, as evident in her 'extreme couponing' fad, regardless of having the means to buy anything she wants. It makes us ordinary people feel hopeful that we can keep up with the ever changing world of fashion. And still wear the exact item the celebs wear. I most recently was searching the web, and came across a pair of black knee-high gladiator sandals Kourt was just spotted in. My heart instantly dropped, thinking they were the Chanel runway gladiator sandals from years past (as seen in the runway photo below). But to my astonishment, they were Stuart Weitzman (retailing at 398 USD)! I instantly ordered them, because you can never have enough shoes, right? Especially at prices like these. I fed my hunger of wanting to dress like a celeb, without starving my wallet. 

Sometimes I beg for the days when Kim would wear her Report Signature boots and snap back to reality. The days she didn't try so hard to be perfect, Kim was closer to it. Very excited to see what the next season of Keep Up With the Kardashians brings! Fashion mixed with Brody Jenner?! Yum.

Written by ARYN MAC — April 10, 2013

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