Louis Vuitton has beautifully crafted and structured classic bags like the Alma and the Speedy. But they lack any diversity in fabrication. They are either vernis or patent and Louis Vuitton always chooses the same boring set of colors; pink, orange, red, blue and off white. Occasionally there is some variation, the pinks are a little brighter or muted one year, the reds have more blue or orange the next and the off white is fairly constant. They might add a metallic element to the patent but it is so subtle it needs to be observed under a microscope.

Every time I enter a Louis Vuitton Store I am bombarded and overloaded with an endless display of monogram from bags to wallets and even scarves. Over the years Louis Vuitton has appealed only to the under 18 population or the tasteless over 40 crowd. The multicolor canvas collections are as common on the under 18 crowd as sneakers in a basketball game. The mommy and me crowd can’t wait to one up the other with the latest addition to their dull brown monogram or damier collection. What happened to the bags for the over 18 but under 40? Where do I fit in? And where are the stylish bags for my generation? It seems to me they thought the silver and gold monogram collection from years past was more than enough to satiate the appetite of trendsetters for years to come. I always walk in to the store hoping their new collection will thrill me and they have produced a piece that is truly unique and not meant for the under 18 or over 40 crowd.

Over the weekend I visited my local Louis Vuitton store and did my usual walk through. I saw the monogram collection, the vernis, the patent and assorted variations. The sales associate brought out bag after bag of styles I’d seen in some new color variant. Finally I got bored and walked into the men’s section to take a break from the monotony of what was being presented. Laying out of place in the men’s section was the most gorgeous bag! I quickly grabbed it and brought it over to the women’s RTW section, only to have a very flustered SA chasing after me demanding I return the bag I had taken. Apparently showing it to his best customer. Luckily, they had a second bag and I walked out of the store delighted. I had found the yellow speedy cube, the perfect bag I could easily transition from day to night. I am in raptures by the cross body strap and the lemon yellow color. Finally LV had made a bag worth of a fashionista’s purchase.

Written by ERIN MCDONALD — March 09, 2013

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