Aside from being a talented singer Rhianna is synonymous for fashion with a flair. I not only rely on her for clothing inspiration but she is my go to girl for accessories i.e. her Christian Lacroix Gold Choker, Celine ID Necklace and her to die for collection of vintage Chanel pieces. The 2013 Grammyʼs were going to be my spring preview of what pieces would be hot and what I should incorporate into my wardrobe this season. I know I am not the only one disappointed by Rihannaʼs fashion performance. Her red Alaia looked more of an extension of the red carpet then a typical RiRi statement dress and her lack of jewelry did not enhance her look nor did it set her apart from the carpet she was walking on. I am surprised Chris Brown didn't walk on her.


Knowing RIhanna was performing left me with a ray of hope that just maybe she would pull through with either a dress or jewels that did not blend in to the scenery. Again, I was disappointed with her choice of dress and lack of accessories. I was expecting a look on par with the Victoriaʼs Secret fashion show in the very least. Yes, CBS would not approve of the snatch-stealing slit, thigh-high stocking and garter exposure. But even if she borrowed bits and pieces of her VS fashion look (ie. pearl necklace) she would have hit a higher note of respect with me, especially in her beautiful performance of 'Stay.' There are icons that exude class and grace, but us accessory lovers count on our blinged out babe.

What happened to the bold fashionista I had come to admire? Did her stylist Mel Ottenburg have the day off? I understand complying with dress code guidelines but even a schoolgirl in uniform can differentiate themselves from the girl next to them. The hit show that sadly just ended, Gossip Girl, proves such point. Blair Waldorf was able to trend her high school uniform to be part of her mother's fashion empire. Turning a simple skirt and blouse into a must-have piece. Dressing for the Grammys should have been a no brainer for Rihanna given that she has the freedom to choose between designers, styles, fabric texture, accessories and has a team of individuals at her fashion beck and call to help her.

Written by ERIN MCDONALD — February 12, 2013

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