For the 2013 Grammy's, CBS sent an email enforcing a strict dress code. US weekly referenced the CBS memo in their article "Grammy Awards 2013 Biggest Dress Code Violators: Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Rowland, Rihanna and More!" Make sure female breasts, buttocks, buttock crack, and sheer material that could expose nipples be covered. As well as my favorite exert to the female attendees: "Bare sides or under curvature of the breasts is also problematic", so please make sure not to #trend the 'side boob' at the 2013 Grammy's. As well, "please be sure the genital region is adequately covered so that there is no visible 'puffy' bare skin exposure." 

We allow artists creative license to create music, yet restrict it in their fashion? Aren't music and fashion both art? Where do we draw the line in letting artists create? CBS could have hastened their memo in writing to the ladies attending: "Don't dress like a total 'skank', bring some class this year." Regardless of any letter, people may listen, but will do, or dress how they want in the end.

 The Grammy's might be a time to award artist(s) of their talented music made in the prior year. But we watch the Grammy's for the fashion and performances, right? Us, regular people want something to talk about, a scandal, wardrobe malfunction: 'side boob', 'nip slip' - or even the ability to gaze at runway, couture gowns (my personal favorite).

Who remembers J Lo's plunging Versace dress from the 42nd Grammy Awards (13 years ago)? Hmmm... Everyone? It went down in fashion history. And who will remember her black Anthony Vaccarello dress with Angelina Jolie like leg slit from the 55th Grammy's? My guess? No one after this week. I am in complete disagreement with The Huffington Post's article "Grammy Awards 2013 Worst-Dressed Celebrities: Jennifer Lopez' Slit & Katy Perry's Boob Window Flopped (PHOTOS)." More people were wondering why such an iconic fashionista was wearing a moo moo, and were wishing they could see her 'bikini wax in hi-def'- it would definitely out way how Vaccarello's dress looked like a hanging piece of meat, on such a curvaceous icon. J Lo is not supposed to hide her curves, but flaunt them. It is as true a fact as "the grass is green."

Written by ERIN MCDONALD — February 11, 2013

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