This year, Miss Miley Cyrus was the Queen Bee of 2013 Maxim's Hot 100 List. And no, that is not why she is considered one of Circe's most respected fashion icons. In the eyes of the general public, Miley's antics and outfits (or lack there of) were described as crude, raunchy, and pathetic. But it is her laissez-faire attitude towards others opinions of her that make us respect her as an artist, a person, and a fashion icon. Who can be known to the public as a G-rated television sensation one day, chop her 24K extensions off, twerk in a unicorn suit, and hit a high note of sexuality in such a short time frame? Only Miley Cyrus had the chops to take this bold risk.
Whether it is her street style, night out looks, performance ensembles or after party get-ups, Miss M. has it going on!
Gracing the covers of Rolling Stones and V Magazine, Miley Cyrus shows us who she is, and what direction she is taking her fashion- to the edge.
Both our picks of this year's fashion icons, Miss Miley Cyrus and model Cara Delevingne present a similar face to the world. They do what they want, wear what they want and say what they want. Marilyn Monroe could not have summed up these trendsetters perceived attitudes in a better quote, "Nothing lasts forever, so live it up, drink it down, laugh it off, avoid the bullshit, take chances & never have regrets, because at one point everything you did was exactly what you wanted."
Cara Delevingne has such a casual street style and playful attitude, that it is hard to imagine her as serious and sexy. But whether the occasion be a La Perla photo shoot or a strutting down the Victoria's Secret runway, Cara Delevingne can change face and get her sexy on.
Cara Delevingne's street style attire sells out instantly! She wears clothing that is comfortable and affordable for the average fashionista. Her choice of clothing, hats and accessories make her relateable.
From left to right, Cara is rocking a Local Heroes 'Bad Hair Day' Beanie, a  Brian Lichtenberg Red Bucci Tank Top, and a  Brian Lichtenberg 'Homies' Beanie in White with Black Embroidery.
From top left to right, bottom left to right, Cara rocks the Local Heroes 'Whatever' Beanie, and a Local Heroes 'WTF' (Where's the food) T-Shirt. At the top right, Cara has a grey/black McQ Alexander Mcqueen Swallow Sweatshirt, paired with Spring/Summer 2014 Chanel Flip-up Shdaes, and a 'High Brow' Beanie. In the bottom left, Cara is wearing the infamous 'Ain't No Wifey' tank top by Dimepiece. On the left Cara rocks another Brian Lichtenberg 'Homies' Beanie and Tank to match!
These are a few of my favorite street style looks from Cara. Let's be honest, with long hair sometimes you wake up and just don't feel like styling it. And Cara has figured out the cure-all for bad hair, a beanie. The fashionable way to avoid bad hair and keep your head warm-- I'm on board!
Both Miley and Cara have polar opposite looks: Miley, fierce and sexual, and Cara outrageous and playful. But these lucky ladies have caught our eye as our Fashion Icons of 2013! Cannot wait to see what these lovely ladies bring us in 2014!
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Written by ARYN MAC — December 26, 2013

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