With little sis Kendall Jenner making 2013 American Music Award Best Dressed list in her white Keepsake top and skirt ensemble, older sister Kim Kardashian makes a debut in fiance Kanye West's "Bound 2" music video.  I would comment on her outfit, but it seems Kim Kardashian is going back to her roots and misdeeds of 'no clothes' for notoriety. I would have to say there was more class in her sex tape, that propelled her to fame, with rapper and former lover Ray J.
First Kanye West fails at a wardrobe makeover, dressing Miss Kim K. like now Australian Fashion Director Christine Centenera, in ill-fitting clothes meant for a less curvacious figure. Since a fashion makeover didn't work out, new parents Kim and Kanye embraced the motto less is more in "Bound 2" Music Video. Kim Kardashian was once a self-proclaimed fashion icon. But now she is on a one way road to doomsday rather than a payday. Save your dollar bills Kim, it looks like your comeback to Yeezus days are over.

Written by ARYN MAC — November 30, 2013

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