Rihanna gets down and dirty in her "Pour it Up (Explicit)" music video. Dripping in diamonds and decked out in Chanel, Riri goes all out wearing close to nothing (a now notable Miley-esque trademark). And begins twerking in her gold chair while her dancer's are twerking and splashing around in water (a former Miley-esque trademark). But after the 2013 VMA's, Miley put her twerking ways to rest.
Both ladies go hard when it comes to Vintage Chanel. But the "Pour It Up (Explicit)" music video features some of my favorite Vintage Chanel seen on Linda Evangelista, especially the multiple layers of Vintage Chanel belts, and chain necklace.
Luckily my favorite belt, with gold dripping chains around it, I have in stock. So don't be shy, if you want it, come and get it. 
Is Riri trying to emulate Miley Cyrus' dance moves and lack of clothing? One thing is for sure, the choice in outfits were amazing.
But the choreography of the video was not up to par. It was like a moment at a strip club on repeat. It evoked no emotion. Just lavish jewels and gems-- which I am never opposed to seeing. I just expected more from such a talented lady.
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Written by ARYN MAC — November 09, 2013

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