Chanel Wallet Purse on a Chain

This product is only available upon request. Contact usfor a quote.

Circe is the premier company to contact for all your hard to find and specialty item needs. We take detailed requests for Chanel pieces, including the wallet purse on a chain. All requests will be addressed immediately. The color, fabrication, season, year, and condition of the item you are looking for, will affect the time to locate your item and price of each specific item. Each contract between Circe and the buyer will differ based on the above factors. Below is a detailed outline of our find it now process for the Chanel Wallet Purse on a Chain.

Find it Now Process:
All item requests require the buyer to fill out a contract outlining the details of the sale.

For the Chanel Wallet Purse on a Chain, we usually require a 500 USD deposit to locate your item. 

Circe has 1-2 weeks to locate your Chanel bag. If we do not find it within the time allotted, you will receive a full refund of your down payment. Unless you allow Circe the ability to additional time to locate for the item. All specifics will be detailed in your individual contract, so that each customer is satisfied.

Once your Chanel Wallet on a Chain is located, the remaining payment is required immediately.

If you change your mind after your item has been located, and do not wish to proceed with purchase, your downpayment will not be refunded.

All sales are final.